Have you ever spent time lying on your back in the garden, or a park, lazily watching the fluffy white clouds float on by? Aeromancy, or cloud spotting as the pastime is otherwise known, is the observation of cloud formation in the sky. When you gaze up into the sky you might spot any one of the three main types of clouds – stratus, cumulus and cirrus. You may also identify shapes that look like faces, landscapes, animals and other familiar forms, in the delicate and wispy clouds.

Aeromancy is a type of divination that involves observing and reading events in the air. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that the Gods controlled the weather, and that symbolic signs representing how the Gods felt towards the people were clearly displayed in the clouds. In medieval times, aeromancy included reading all types of atmospheric phenomena. Today, the most common practice involves deciphering the meaning of the low level, mid level, high level and other clouds, including contrails and night clouds.

Different Types Of Clouds

Low Level

Stratus clouds are typically patchy with fuzzy edges. They often appear at ground level as mist.

Heavy and dense low level clouds that extend into mountainous peaks are called Cumulonimbus. These clouds appear in extreme weather conditions.

Cumulus clouds are fluffy and cauliflower shaped.

Stratocumulus clouds are patches or clumps that vary in colour.

Mid Level

Altocumulus clouds are rounded clumps that appear in layers or patches.

Ultra thin Altostratus clouds spread out over a large area.

Dark grey or bluish in colour, Nimbostratus clouds are usually accompanied by rain.

High Clouds

Cirrus clouds are short, wispy and hair like, and are the whitest clouds you will see.

Clouds that are small and grouped together with even spacing are called Cirrocumulus.

Transparent and thin high clouds that cover a large area are known as Cirrostratus. These clouds often feature arcs of coloured light.

How To Practice Aeromancy

You don’t need any tools to practice aeromancy. All you need is the perfect outdoor spot and a blanket to lie on. Lie back, close your eyes and ground yourself, while thinking about a question in your head.

When you’re ready for the answer, open your eyes and look up into the sky. Observe and examine the shapes of the clouds. Once you’ve spotted a shape, watch it for a few minutes. As it alters its shape the cloud may create another interesting form.

When you practice aermonacy your intuition takes over. Your subconscious mind identifies shapes in the clouds that represent images that hold a particular meaning for you. For example: if you’re thinking about your sweetheart whilst gazing up into the sky, don’t be surprised if you suddenly spot a heart shaped cloud float by. Clouds can reveal your hidden or secret wants, needs, hopes and fears, and also what’s yet to come.

Common Cloud Formations To Spot:

Angel forms suggest that you are open to exploring your spiritual side. When you spot an angel shaped cloud pay attention to what your intuition is telling you.

Seeing clouds that are shaped like a baby or a small child could be suggesting that it’s time for you to settle down. It also indicates that you can look forward to a fun and joyous time.

Animal shapes have different meanings depending on the creature you are seeing. Cats indicate that you are exploring your psychic gifts. A dog implies that you have faithful companions in your life. An eagle hints that success is heading your way.

Seeing two people, or a pair of matching shapes, signifies a happy union and contended life.

Circles suggest completion of a life cycle, or the possibility of commitment and an engagement or wedding ring.