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My name is Anna and I am a Spiritual Clairvoyant. I have been working online, as a professional Psychic Tarot reader for the last 18 years, providing insight and guidance in peoples lives. I'm very down to earth and able to communicate effectively, ensuring that you as my client, will always receive clear, open and honest answers to your questions. My Clairvoyance is literally a meaning of 'clear sight'. It allows me to 'see' images, or events, from your past, present, or future. I can also ‘hear’ information. I have developed this skill, gaining an understanding of the difference between information that is coming from myself and information that I am receiving from Spirit, or my Guides. Sometimes I may 'feel' information. I might get a particular kind of sensation, that relates to other information that I am getting in an area of my body. I am empathic, 'picking up' on how you are feeling, in very specific terms. I employ the use of Tarot cards, which I interpret Spiritually with Psychic intuition.


What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I love reading for my clients, helping and guiding them into seeing that every aspect of their lives, has been created by the choices they have made, as creators of their own realities. Decisions made from ego, result in chaos, unhappiness and hurt. An understanding of your inner-self, which is the real you, this will help you to manifest abundance, happiness and success. So helping you to develop a deep sense of self awareness and helping you to learn to master both your mind and your emotions. By letting go of limiting beliefs. and recognizing your power to manifest. Wisdom reminds you to listen to and be guided by the Universe. Then all areas of your life will evolve perfectly. When giving you a Tarot card reading, I am also helping you to act consciously which is for your highest good.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I have a very encouraging, positive nature and a kind heart. I do not expect favors in return, my kindness is selfless. I am never possessive or jealous. My life is based on a 'live and let live' policy. I am a excellent conversationalist with a good sense of humor but I tend to speak the truth and don't hold anything back. I do not like mind games. I am very straightforward and I expect it in return. Deep inside of me is a belief that no matter what has happened, something good is always around the corner and the sun will always shine again. One of my sayings is “Nothing is permanent in life, only change”. I just want to explore the world and not fret about my emotions and my feelings, that’s me. I am on this planet, to gain wisdom, learn and explore. Boredom can be one I fear and instead of facing it, I will up and leave in search of something more stimulating. I don't dwell on any hurt because it is a waste of my energy. I am not an emotional person, but can be easily hurt by the careless selfish actions of others at times. I have a very strong mind and will turn it around pretty quickly, I always let go of the past and work in the now!

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

When I was young and growing up. I would play by myself in the garden. It wasn’t a very well looked after garden, but there was a place in the garden where I would always play, which was by some lovely flowers and I had made a little home of sticks and stones. That is where my first contact with beings of light occurred. As far as I know, I was the only one that ever saw them. They would come around me when I was playing and kept me company. The number of these creatures is still unknown to me, because there were new ones appearing all of the time. Growing up as a teenager, I was about fourteen when I saw my first Ghost. I was on holiday in Wales, walking up a lane one day with my Auntie. We saw a young Welsh girl who was about eighteen, dressed-up in the Welsh costume from days of old. She watched us from a fairly close distance then went around a corner. We followed her and as we turned a corner, there was nothing there, only a broken down big old house, more or less flattened to the ground and she was nowhere to be seen. Later on then in my life I was hearing voices very clearly in my left ear. One time I heard a beautiful voice that said “Miracles Miracles” which blew me away, it was so loud!……. my senses of seeing and hearing were very strong. Listening to my Higher-Self, listening to my Heart and also listening to my Spirit Guides, transforms the messages I am receiving, to give them understanding and balance.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

Memorable experiences are many. Helping and guiding my clients, is an experience that I never forget. I send them all love and light. Sometimes one of them might come back into my mind, I sit in my own space and gently work with them, sending them absent Healing and work on my visions of them. Also, if I feel they need me, I work with my thoughts about them and usually they will contact me.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I am a Spiritual Healer (BSYG certified spiritual healer). I work with people and animals. I was given this gift from the contacts I have with the Universe.

I also work with ‘The Universal Law of Attraction’, which is the most powerful Law of the Universe and you must understand it, before anything else will be of value to you. Everything in your life and the lives of those around you, is affected by the Law of Attraction. It is the basis of everything that you see manifesting around you and comes into your life. One of my beliefs is, ‘The Cause of the problem must be understood and Healed, to remove its energy which may be effecting your life in the here and now’.

Meditation is very important to me. When you still the chatter of your mind, you enter the silence where all things are known. Connect to the Universal consciousness and synchronize with your infinite potential. Here lie enlightened answers, which will enable you to act with certainty and a deep knowing.
Your decisions become wiser and your joy is very likely to spread and effect others.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

The importance is to know that the spiritual reading you are having is only a guidance for you. What the reader or myself says to you, is not set in stone, but the information should be used to guide you through difficult times, in the present and into your future. Be open minded. It is much easier for me, or a reader to make a connection and give an accurate reading, if you are willing to open up. You are your own creator of the life you live. Everything you need in your life and every experience is within you yourself, who is the creator of your own happiness, your sadness or fears, your success and your failure in your life. You create everything through the way you think, act or perform. You may not agree with want I am saying. You may think that someone or something that challenges your preconceived beliefs makes you angry, think again! Nothing, or no one, can make you angry or sad if you do not allow it! We often listen to our ego, which many allow to dictate what we should or should not do. We should take control of our lives and by telling our ego how we want it to behave. We can’t destroy our ego, but we can certainly learn to control it, massaging one that is negative, into one that is positive. Peace, Love and Light be with you always xx

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I had a reading with you on Friday 14th June 19. You're gift is honestly astounding and shockingly amazing. You are the real deal, I loved how you tuned into my exes energy and you realised and knew things in detail that nobody else could have possibly known. I'll defo be coming back to you. Honestly everyone should have a reading with you. Not many people are naturally psychic to be honest with me no tarot was used. You just Saw. And wowwww what a shock factor!!!!

Totally Brilliant!

Anna is an amazingly spiritually uplifting reader. Full of wisdom and encouragement and healing. Anna knew what I was dealing with on all levels and had spot-on messages and advice. Really helped me to gain clarity at a pivotal point in my life. Also a hugely inspiring woman. Thanks so much Anna. Lots of love and blessings. Angela. xx

Completely brilliant - speechless ???? lovely lady - answered all my questions and was completely spot on with it all ... I’m lost for words, brilliant - thank you for a true reading ....made simple clear and completely correct thank you. The depth this lady took my reading too was outstanding.. many thanks Northern Gemini ????

OMG this lady is amazing hope Friday brings what you said how did you know I had a white front door Sarah

She was absolutely wonderful, she gave me an accurate reading and I was so pleased with the way it flowed. She is the real deal and does not talk about things which are irrelevant. Big hugs ????

Anna gives great insight and is just lovely to talk to. Thank you X

Absolutely amazing. Described people involved and knew the situation. Also brought my friend through from spirit. I feel so much better after speaking to you. Thank you. Xx

Fab reader. Very straight down the line and no sugar coating with her answers and spot on clarifications . Great to talk to and a very good listener. .. One of the best I've had the pleasure to talk to on here.

So sorry we were cut off midstream Anna! Thank you for an uplifting and enlightening reading. You have made me feel so much better today.. more in control and positive about my future. Will be back soon xx