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Hello! Over the years many have described me as a ‘people person’ and that’s exactly what I am. I started out as journalist but being the caring person I am I decided I didn’t want to be part of the paparazzi culture (I have some stories I could tell). I took a totally different tack and gained a degree in Psychology which I have used to both lecture and counsel people. I have had psychic experiences from a young age - see an example of that further down this page. In fact, it was a shared knowledge and interest in all things psychic that brought myself and my wife together. However, writing is something I excel at and enjoy. I have set a goal to write a book about mine and my wife’s psychic experiences - look out for it!

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

My sole aim for every client is to bring Enlightenment and thus Hope for the future - Positivity is the key for all of us. It brings me joy to hear back from people how my readings helped and inspired them. The greatest gift you can give anyone is your time!

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am am a typical Aquarian. Always described as ‘The Humanitarian’ and deep thinker of the Zodiac. They empathise without judgement or prejudice and nothing gives them greater pleasure than to help others. This in turn makes them good problem solvers. They make good, honest and loyal friends. Their ruling planet Uranus gives Aquarians a visionary quality with which they are capable of perceiving the future.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

One of my earliest and most hilarious psychic experiences as a child concerned my maternal Grandmother who had passed over just a couple of weeks prior. My Mother and I were talking about my Grandmother when suddenly the lounge door slowly creaked open wider. We both jumped and there in the doorway I could see my Grandmother quite clearly but I knew my Mother could not see her. I said, 'I can see Grandma'. My Mother turned to our dog who had been lying in her usual place on the sofa and jokingly said, 'Sunshine, say hello to Grandma'. Whereupon the dog SPOKE! and clearly said in a gruff kind of tone, 'Hello Grandma'. My Grandmother smiled at me and then quickly faded away. The dog had never spoken before and never spoke again until the day she passed. My Mother’s jaw just dropped open in amazement.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

Every sitting is different and there are usually memorable parts to most of them. Some, however, do ‘stand out’ due to their uniqueness. I particularly remember a sitting where a girl’s deceased Mother was trying to pass on a message to her but making it clear that the message was so personal she couldn’t tell me direct. Instead the message I had to pass on was, ‘Tell my daughter to consult a specialist. She’ll know what I’m referring to’ . I gave the sitter the message and she nodded and said she knew exactly what her Mother was referring to. A few years later I had a sitting with a gentleman whose Mother came through and told him she was proud of him and that he was now her ‘little prince’. The man teared up. He then told me that he had consulted me before and that he had been the ‘daughter’ who had received the message from his Mother to consult a specialist. He said he always felt he was born in the ‘wrong body’ but that now he was very happy to be able to be himself (even better as it was with his Mother’s approval).

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

The greatest of all ‘life experience’ and I have a vast amount of that as I’m knocking on a bit now! My Psychology degree and counselling experience have been useful in helping me to conduct my psychic work in a safe and thoughtful manner. I see my psychic abilities as a ‘gift’ and always take greatest of care how I use it when helping others.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

The reading is about YOU. Ensure you are in the correct frame of mind to receive advice which may mean taking new paths and embracing new plans for the future.which I always liken to 'coming out of a cul-de-sac back on to life's highway'. Be specifc - clear your mind and focus on your personal question/issue, This will help to promote the synchronicity necessary to transmit a more insightful clear reading. The reading should be used as a 'reflection of your life' which you are examining at that particular point in time. Remember - every experience changes us a little whether its good or bad. Very often some good comes out of some bad. How many times have your said to yourself, 'Gosh, if that hadn't happened (a bad experience) then I wouldn't have been where I am now!'

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I have just had a reading with Dan, what a lovely mild mannered reader, I really enjoyed my reading. I don't normally select tarot readers but he was very honest about my future and straight to the point giving precise information about each situation. I extended my reading with Dan and could have spoken to him a lot longer than I had, will definitely choose him again for a reading. I look forward to future as he presented it and will let you know the outcome. Lots of peace and light. Linda x

I do not ordinarily choose Tarot readers , however I love Dan’s energy and the way he works, reads and delivers his messages. This is the second time i have had a reading with him. He most definitely is worth speaking to. Extremely good at what he does and spot on with the information he gives . Recommend this reader. Thank you for putting my mind at ease x

What a lovely man and gifted. I called late whilst i could not sleep and was feeling anxious. He connected really well and I instantly felt the anxiety lift.. i didn’t tell him anything yet he picked up on the issues with my partner immediately. Dan did not ask any questions but was Extremely accurate with the information he have me. I will definitely be calling again. Thank you Dan you made me feel a lot calmer

I could have spoken with Dan all evening! I had a wonderful reading on 31 May late at night. It was on a whim and I’m so pleased I chose him. I said nothing other than that I’d like him to look into my love life and he told me about my situation with startlingly clarity. He’s warm and honest - he didn’t pussyfoot around but was so gentle when he came across an uncomfortable situation (which I knew about so it just validated how good he is). I really enjoyed my experience and I’m looking forward to seeing it all unfold. If he was able to tell me with precision the past and current situation, I feel very confident that what he saw for the future will come about too. Thank you, Dan - I’ve been given a real confidence boost. Sarah x

A big thank you to Dan for an enjoyable reading, and putting me at ease straight away, very approachable and friendly, I felt I could easily open up to him. I was very nervous at first, as I'm going through a very difficult time of my life, and have many issues to deal with. But Dan helped put my mind at rest, and gave me hope for the future, which I really need at the moment, it was a very positive reading for me. I would highly recommend him as the reading was very accurate as well. Thank you!

Just had over an hour's chat with Dan, my second time consulting him. Must say that it has been fabulous time chatting with him and the spirit! Spirit has shown us those missing pieces with my experience of the previous brief encounter with guy. Spirit's told me he's not the one but the good news is that the future hope is bright which I have also received through other readings as well. Which I do rely on - HOPE - that's all we need. I believe GOD is still good! And besides psychic reading, Dan is also a very professional psychiatrist, that means I have received extra benefits in this readings! Just hope to see the good things come sooner for us to find love again! GOD be merciful to us! And Thank you once again to Dan! Looking very much forward speaking to you sometimes in the future! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Got to admit, I was a bit nervous about have a reading, but needn’t have been. Dan has a great telephone manner and immediately put me at ease. He was also uncannily accurate in pinpointing issues of greatest importance in my life currently, which concerns my work. I’m glad to say Dan’s reading has allayed my immediate fears about the future. I would highly recommend his tarot reading skills to anyone. Phil

Really lovely man. Very detailed reading with no sugar coating but delivered in a kind manner. Dan explains everything he sees. I had 2 readings with Dan and had to call back for a second as a lot of what was said in the first reading came to light, at the time I couldn’t really see it not that it was disregarded in anyway and immediately came to mind with the trees and events in my life from the first reading. Not only is Dan a great reader, I could talk to him for hours about life and relationships in general and a lovely voice to listen to. Dan is genuinely there for you and not just giving you a few predictions then that’s it as I’ve had in some previous readings or repeat themselves to use up your time. Dan genuinely reads and explains what he sees. 5 stars from me Love & light, also to your wife too x

He was totally brilliant got very clear picture

I found Dan to be a very compassionate and down-to-earth person. The Reading he gave me was accurate, reflecting my current situation very well, without my divulging much at all. Altogether a gentle, and encouraging, and yes, hopeful, reading. Thank you Dan.