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Hi, my name is John B I am Psychic Medium with years of experience I have a lovely guide who helps me guide you with whatever troubles you seem to have. I am a compassionate empathic reader who can help you with love and relationships, career and family matters. I started my craft at a very young age at a spiritual church because I knew I had a gift and I wanted to help people. I have almost 20 years’ experience and I aim to help you and guide you on your spiritual path. I am here to help you with the now, and the future. Let my gift give you confidence with whatever life may throw at you.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

Helping my clients grow and to see their future and understand what life is all about. Helping along their journey and giving them strength through all the obstacles and challenges life throws at you. Seeing my clients grow mentally and spiritually gives me great satisfaction.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am very like my star sign I love having fun and helping others. I am a huge thinker and charismatic and very loyal I believe my job on this earth is to help others and always do the right thing.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

When I was 12 years I heard a voice and it scared me I didn't know what it was but the more I tried to ignore it the more the voice spoke louder. I knew then I was special I knew that I had a gift a power and responsibility a calling to help others this voice was my guide who has been with me ever since.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

When I helped a twin flame connection who separated after 8 months but got back together, and are now happily married with 2 kids. To see two people so in love that just need guidance and support come together and have a forever after.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have been a natural psychic reader for almost 20 years I have travelled all over the world helping people. I believe my gift has helped many find comfort in the answers they are looking for.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

To have an open mind and to trust in what I say with my guide. To stay focused and to ask as many questions as you want as I am not judgemental I am here to help.


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OMG John, you are just amazing. The things you know is incredible. At this stage, I am a bit sceptical as I really can't see it happening with this guy even though I feel it in my heart. For you to experience spiritual intervention for me, something that rarely happens and you rarely see is the icing on the cake. Today's reading, well, I am a bit confused and I hope I like him. The detail, with you describing the first meeting, and me not being so happy?? all I can say is ...I wish I could talk to you all day. But sometimes, maybe we are not meant to know everything. Maybe the first meeting is not as bad as it all seems. Only time will tell. I will keep you posted.

5/9 In the reading it came up 8th 9th December looked it up and its JEDDAH - 8th December International Motor Show and I will not be going haaa! Thanks for another great reading. Lorna Max x

Love love love John he’s an amazing reader always makes me feel uplifted and positive. Loads of positive predictions that are starting to unfold xx

Amazing amazing amazing man. I hope to catch him again. Wonderful medium and psychic . Thank you so much for helping heal my heart today

Got you again!! 28 Aug.. photog... You are EXCEPTIONAL JOHN!! Direct and unique. On the ball isn’t in it!! Thank you!!

I had a reading with John B on 2nd August. He picked up on my situation with no words from me. He predicted an emotional reunion with someone within 3 weeks and although I was impressed with his reading, experience has taught me that validations and accurate predictions are often different things.! I called him again on 14th August as I was still doubting and without knowing who I was, he launched into the same reading. His timeline did not change and I had a wonderful reunion with this person 20 days after Johns original 3 week prediction. This person said many things that John had said!! Longer term predictions are obviously pending and I will update but have no doubt it'll happen as John said. I have had dozens of readings with various readers on this site over a few years but this is my first review. It is well deserved.

Just got John 23 Aug. Amazing man!! Direct, real psychic!! As talking the man in question text!! After silence. Thanks John!!!

Hi John sorry we got cut off but thank you so much for your advice. Amazing reading just looking forward to everything happening now. MS

Thank you John .. that was utterly amazing and I tried to extend but didn’t work on my mobile unfortunately. When my Twin Flame reaches out I’ll be back in contact for your guidance.. I will be needing it for sure. Huge thanks meantime.. I heard you.. do not chase and don’t reply immediately.. I’ll be phoning you before I do reply! ????????Xx

This reader is so amazing I’m not the one to leave feed back. But he told me thinks that nobody would no. He was so honest with everything. This man is the is the best person I have had a reading with. And since my reading I have felt up lifted thank John b 13/8/19