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Greetings and blessings. I am Merlin Nathanial, I am a professional psychic medium with more than 25 years’ experience and have given readings over the phone for 3 ½ years with very good and accurate results. I bring clear insight and help for others assisted by my spirit guide Nathanial. I bring answers and understanding to everyday problems; love, relationships, work, moving house etc. However I cannot tell you which path to take as we all have free will. I channel the spirit to bring peace and understanding to your life and to help you make the right choices when you are at a crossroads in life or lost in life’s dilemmas. I am clairsentient and I am empathic which means I can pick up on your feelings during our reading. Please be aware I do not personally contact those that have passed over to the spirit realm myself but if any massages come through Nathanial my spirit guide lets me know and I can pass them on if you wish. Nathanial protects me and act like a firewall stopping any evil entities coming thought so that you are very safe and shielded when I read for you, which is very important!

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I love helping others and I am honoured that Nathanial and I are trusted to help other with their problems and I really enjoy talking to people and taking the time to play a part in helping you to solve your problems - as other mediums have helped me. (Mediums can’t do they own reading too well!) but my spirit guide watches over me to alert me to any upcoming decisions in my own life.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

Piscean: I am very caring and I believe in love and romance and I can identify untrustworthy and unjust people and warn others about them. I am a deeply Spiritual person too so I believe I am a classic Pisces.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I first became aware of my gift at the age of 3 and I am over 50 now. I remember seeing ghosts of children and talking to them. We lived near a cemetery which I think helped me to realise the truth of what I was perceiving. I could also see things before they happened through visions of future situations which would then happen a couple of days later.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

My most satisfying reading was with a lovely lady who was getting married. She told me that she wished her mum and Nan could be with her on her wedding day as they had passed to spirit a few years before. During our reading, things that only she herself knew were revealed to me and the thing that stays with me to this day about that reading was that we both felt the room and gone quite cold initially but as the reading proceeded it became tangibly warmer and began to fill with the most amazing energy of love and calming peace. The client was so happy she was overcome with joy and her anxiety went. This has happened to me before but on this occasion the feelings were particularly powerful. A day or two later she called to thank me and she left a very lovely comment on my profile page.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I am Confident and have more than 25 years’ experience honing my abilities to the point that I can read with clarity and wisdom, it’s a gift which grows with you over many years. I am very fortunate to have such a good spirit guide who has been with me for many, many years. The most important gift of all is the ability to love all people and a willingness to help them which is the foundation of our humanity.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

The most important thing for me is to treat people with love and respect and be totally honest. Sometimes people are in crisis when they ask for a reading and are affected by stress or the negative energies that come from being hurt in love and in life; this becomes a negative barrier which sometimes blocks a reader’s ability to connect to spirit. It is important that you tell a reader if anything like this is effecting you so that they can understand your situation and look for the right answers from spirit for you. A trustworthy reader will have integrity and if they cannot get a connection to spirit for you it’s their responsibility to tell you and conclude the reading. We must always be true to our gift and trust our instincts.

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Lovely warm reading , proof given with names and very accurate descriptions . Spot on -will definatley call again.

Just had the most magical and inspiring reading. I’m so grateful to you! Highly recommend! Thank you to Nathaniel too. Love is real xxx

Amazing reading the other day. Very accurate. Wish we could have talked more. Lots of questions. Very interesting :)

hi merlin nathanial sorry we got cut off ? but thanks once again you really cheered me up ,looking forward to what is coming my way and will look out for the figurines =) speak soon take care jackie ,,,, im packing now ready for the move wheyyy heyyy

First reading with merlin...very straight forward no Suger coating,defo Gona call him again ??

Merlin picked up on my current situation straight away! Was amazed what he know. Gave me some excellent news and couldn't be happier recommending him to anyone. Well worth a call!

Thank you so much for my very positive reading. What a lovely genuine and caring man. A great light hearted sense of humour too! Absolutely spot on with everything that you told me. God bless you L xx

Spot on Merlin. You were right on the ball and are well harmonious contact with the spiritual world. The information you pick up from them is absolutely amazing. Your words tied in exactly to my worldly circumstances and my present way of thinking. It is as though you are standing behind me all the time. I am sure we were guided to have the chat that we had. Hey!!! I thought I was supposed to read for you :)

January 4th 2018, I have had a few reading with Merlin Nathanial since September 2018. I found this man to be very respectable and supportive. He always tell you the truth regardless what your situation is, but deliver it not in a hurt full way. His predictions has always come to passed, and always there when you need him. He doesn’t shy away from difficult questions no matter what you throw at him. I cannot speak highly enough of this gentlemen, he is a credit to Psychic Sofa. I am now his client for life. KB Australia

Hi merlin thanks for the reading this evening at 21.00 on 28.12.2018 It was amazing will let u know when the predictions happen l and l n x