Aries Horoscope

21 Mar - 19 Apr

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June 2019

Work/life balance is likely to be an issue this month, except that it doesn't need to be. It all comes down to attitude, whether you choose to see work/life balance as a challenge or an opportunity. For what you have this month is strong personalities in play on both the home and professional fronts and by midmonth they will be in opposition, locked in a battle of wills. Yet the reality is, with Saturn and Pluto both in retrograde motion in your career sector and new doors not opening on the job front until August, but then kicking off the busiest months of 2019, you can afford to pace yourself. While the Sun was always going to return to your home and family sector on 22nd June and since Pluto's return to your career sector in 2008 has had to navigate around this, Mars refuses to do that. Mars will have the focus on home and family matters all month and where you are not able to devote the time you want or need to, he will fight back. Yet in reality, work/life balance is something that will not only benefit your home life, but your professional life as well. The incentive to get it right will come in the form of Mercury's return to a playful part of your chart on 27th June. A better balance between work and play is the perfect incentive to make work/life balance a priority. What can also help keep things in perspective is an adventurous Full Moon on 17th June. Positioned right in the middle of the month, the roots of this adventurous Full Moon run deep. As the only Full Moon while Jupiter is in your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery, this is something that won't be easy to ignore. This is at the very point of the month when work/life balance could be an issue, with a valuable chance to put things in perspective. Key to any kind of balance is communication.


Week beginning Monday 24th of June 2019

The good news is that last week's professional pressure or work/life balance tension is dialling back. The even better news is that while the last opposition between planets on the home and career fronts only just ended over the weekend, this is already proving to be the right wakeup calls at the right time. For the first time this year, you begin the week with planetary activity in a playful part of your chart. This might be small to start with, with the asteroid Juno providing the first chink in the armour of a year that until now, has been more work than play. However, Juno will be joined by Mercury on Friday and by the time Mars returns next week, the war against a life that is all work and no play will be in full swing. All of a sudden, work/life balance is less a challenge and more an opportunity to have it all. In the meantime, Venus will be working to make her last full week in your communication sector count, helped by the Moon's timely passage through your relationship sector midweek.


Monday 24th of June 2019

There have not only been a number of cosmic shifts over recent days but some serious oppositions that have now run their course. Everything happened over the solstice and why we haven't yet reached the middle point of the year, the dynamics of this year have gone through a pivot over recent days. As things settle, today's nostalgic and reflective lunar vibes bring a chance to get your bearings. It may feel like the wind has been taken out of your sails, but in a relaxed and confident way.

About Aries

Information about your birth sign

Aries are born fighters and quick to alert you, ruled by the planet of war and destruction, Mars. They have strong will power and seem to naturally resent all criticism. They are inclined to lack caution, being by nature impulsive and quick in thought and action. The presence of an Aries almost always indicates the beginning of something exciting and energetic. Nothing can hold this sign back; they're keen, dynamic and competitive.

Aries will not keep you for longer than needed. There is no "beating around the bush" and more than often their bluntness is enough to leave you feeling stifled, but they mean no harm. Aries just has a knack for seeing things how they truly are, without the sugar coated glossing. So if you want an honest opinion, Aries is your best bet! They are also natural leaders and great fun to be around. They make great companions are always interested in other peoples' ideas. However they can be childish and are known to suffer with the occasional temper tantrum, but because Aries has such a zest for life, they bounce back quickly and it is very rare to find them holding grudges.

Aries rules the first house of the Zodiac which is about the self. Their motto : "I am".

Things to look out for

In relationships, Aries finds it hard to commit as they become bored quickly so a challenge is always good for them. In most cases, Aries will experience relationships like fireworks - lots of spark and excitement that tends to fizzle out all too quickly. However, after going through a varied cycle they do eventually settle down but it is important for Aries to live through the short, sharp shocks before they do!

Lucky Colours

Aries colours are red and white, these are believed to be lucky for the Aries sign, black being thought to be unlucky.

Aries Birthstone

The birthstone for Aries is Diamond. For thousands of year this has been believed to conduct the energies of Mars, the ruling planet of the Aries. It has also been claimed that wearing Diamond helps with many things including brain diseases, protection for the kidneys, the reproductive system and drawing toxins from the body!

Aries Vulnerabilities

Vulnerable parts of the body are the head and face; as a sign of this celestial association, many Aries are born with a birth mark on their head or face. Headaches, black eyes, nose bleeds and insect bites are all common Aries health complaints.


Aries are considered to be most compatible with other fire signs: Leo and Sagittarius and compatible, but to a lesser extent, the air signs: Aquarius, Gemini and Libra.