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21 Jun - 22 Jul

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August 2019

While we have all been impacted by the fairly challenging conditions in June and July, it is fair to say that you have borne the brunt of it. Yet as you eventually look back on this period you will appreciate the gifts and over time realise that five challenging weeks was a small price to pay and was even value for money, considering what you will get in return. This year you not only had an exceptional amount of planets move through Cancer, far more than you would normally have to launch a new solar year, as each planet returned it was to find the North Node here, for the first time in 17 years. It was the North Node's position here that created a total solar eclipse in Cancer last month, giving this new solar year a massive tailwind and the promise of major new beginnings and developments over the next 12 months. You even had Mars making his first visit to Cancer in two years and Juno, queen of commitment making her first visit in four years. The problem was that you had both Saturn and Pluto on the other side of the sky in Capricorn and in opposition and it was here that last month's lunar eclipse fell. With Saturn and Pluto in retrograde motion, they stood like roadblocks, which all the new growth coming through had to push through. Yet what this was, was the meeting of old resistance and while you don't know it yet, now that you have broken through everything is now set to open up. In the meantime, this month we see the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars, collectively known as the 'personal planets' come together in the same area of your chart for the first time since 2017 and they will do it not once but twice. To begin with this congregation is taking place on the income front and with lucky Jupiter turning direct in your work sector on the 12th August the timing couldn't be better. It is from the 18th August that the same planets will begin moving into your communication sector, which is when the rebuilding can begin, especially on the relationship front.


Week beginning Monday 19th of August 2019

Saturn and Jupiter are the two most powerful and influential planets in the solar system, so much so that their fortunes influence our lives and over recent weeks, this has been a disadvantage. It was just in the early hours of last week that everything started to change, with Jupiter turning retrograde in your work sector, just as the pressure came off Saturn in your relationship sector. This saw both come out of compromised positions at the same time and while this was good news on the job and relationship fronts, every aspect of life flows more easily when these two planets are in a good place. Things flow even more smoothly when things completely turn around, which they do for both this week. Jupiter is surrounded by support, with positive and exciting implications across the income, work and career fronts, especially in the first three days of the week. At the same time, as Venus follows Mars into your communication sector on Wednesday, this will give Saturn and your relationships a massive boost.


Friday 23rd of August 2019

This time last week every planet that will visit your income sector in 2019 were all here at the same time but over the last five days a shift has begun. By this time next week they will all be together again and by 'they' I am referring to the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars and Juno, who are in the process of wrapping things up on the income front and turning their attention to communication lines. As the Sun leaves and returns to your communication sector the planets left behind in your income sector are now getting serious about tying up loose ends.

About Cancer

Information about your birth sign

Deeply intuitive and sentimental, Cancerains are easily hurt by the slights of others. Complex in nature, sometimes appearing extremely strong and at other times appearing to be as vulnerable as a child. Gifted with strong imaginations, Cancerians make good writers, composers and artists. They set out to accomplish things and with their strong will they have no trouble finding a way to achieve there goals.

Cancerians are naturally in tune with the rhythms of their own nature. Ruled by the feminine qualities of the Moon they are kind, caring and loving and can be very protective. Cancer, however can also be possessive in love and like the crab they can be Crabby and snappy and nip you with their claws when least expected!

They are intuitive and deeply aware of their emotions. Because of this they can be very guarded with others, in fear of getting hurt. However they are literally like a hard boiled sweet with a softy centre and once you are in the centre you will undoubtedly feel safe and secure in Cancer's everlasting love.

Cancer is ruled by the fourth house which is all about our homes and our

Cancer Motto

Cancers Motto is "I feel"

Things to look out for

You may well experience silent treatment with Cancer. If they feel you are treating them unfairly, then they will slyly withdraw and go inwards.

Remember that Crabs live by the sea and the tides of the stormy sea are not always predictable

Cancer Birthstone

The birthstone for Cancer is the Ruby, aptly named the king of gems due to it's rarity. It is said to bring vitality, integrity and success to the sign. It is also said to conduct the energies of Mercury, a planet sympathetic to Cancer! It has often been associated with healing qualities for infection and blood, two reported ailments with this birth sign.

Lucky Colours

Cancer's lucky colours are pale yellow, white and silver.


Vulnerable parts of the body are the breasts, stomach and blood; because of this stomach aches and food allergies are common.


Cancerians are most compatible with water signs: Scorpio and Pisces and compatible but to a lesser extent earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.