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21 May - 20 Jun

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August 2019

August can be described in many ways. It can be described as a breakthrough month, the lightness after some challenging months, a 'kiss the ground' month or just a drop in tension. June and July have been the most challenging months of 2019. While the faster moving planets will always move into opposition with the outer planets once a year, the toughest of those times are when they move into opposition with Saturn and Pluto. This year we had the perfect storm in that Saturn and Pluto are not only together in your financial sector, but just degrees apart, while the planets on the other side of the sky, moving through your income sector were also becoming a tighter pack. For a five week period from mid June to just the final 10 days of July, we were not only wracked by wave after wave of oppositions, but there were two eclipses thrown in for good measure last month. While because these standoffs were between planets on the income and financial fronts this may have created some financial tension, this will have created a general feeling of pressure that had a ripple effect. Not for the whole time, but in wave after wave that left you wondering when the next one would hit. This is now over but the positive implications on the income and financial fronts will be felt for months and especially into 2020. Meanwhile, the fact that the faster moving planets have been moving closer together has some really positive implications this month. This month we see the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars, collectively known as the 'personal planets' come together in the same area of your chart for the first time since 2017 and they will do it not once but twice. It has already begun, with the planets leaving your income sector last month all congregating in your communication sector this month. With Jupiter turning direct in your relationship sector on 12th August, the timing couldn't be better. Between 18th August and 29th August, the planets will then one by one transition into your home and family sector, where they will end the month.


Week beginning Monday 19th of August 2019

When Jupiter turned direct in your relationship sector last week, it was just hours before Mercury not only returned to your communication sector but joined an army of planetary activity already assembled. In short, the tide turned at the best possible time, with so many planets in your communication sector that as the tide turned on the relationship front, everything turned. That army of support is leaving, making their final days especially important. Mars left your communication sector over the weekend, with Venus leaving on Wednesday, the Sun on Friday, Juno over the weekend and finally Mercury, the planet of communication next week. This gives your relationships time to get back on their feet again. In the meantime, as the planets leave they are one by one putting more focus on home, family and/or property matters.


Friday 23rd of August 2019

Just five days after Mars left your communication sector and two days after Venus, the planet of love left, they are followed out the door by the Sun today. While the remaining planets will have all joined the Sun, Venus and Mercury in your home and family sector by this time last week, the remaining two planets are now getting serious about making sure the communication lines are open. Those two planets are Mercury, the planet of communication and Juno, queen of commitment and especially commitment to your relationships.

About Gemini

Information about your birth sign

Gemini's are the sign of the twin, an air sign, and the third sign of the zodiac. Gemini represents the third stage in the evolution of man and his place in the universe.

Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini, and in Roman mythology; Mercury is the God of travel and commerce.

Gemini is like the butterfly- they find it hard to settle and stay in one place and need constant stimulus. They are incredibly mutable and it is almost impossible to pin them down. Because they are ruled by Mercury, our planet of communication they often make great communicators and writers but the trick with Gemini is multitasking and it is their duty to gather information. Gemini will become frustrated very quickly due to their ability to receive huge amounts of information all at once, it can often be hard to digest. Therefore they need their space so that they can filter things through and channel it in the right direction. Journalism or sales would be a great career for busy Gemini.

Gemini is ruled by the third house which connects to our siblings and education

Gemini Motto

Gemini's motto is "I think"

Things to look out for

Because Gemini gets bored quickly they can find it hard to commit in relationships and like the personality of the twin they tend to do everything in a dual like sequence and find it hard to make a decision. It is not unusual for Gemini to constantly be stuck in two minds. They are impatient and restless but love to live life on the edge and look forward to surprises!

Lucky Colours

Lucky colours for Gemini are light blue and yellow.

Gemini Birthstone

The Gemini birthstone is the Agate, a stone with many different colours and forms! It is said that Agate protects against fever and is a very powerful talisman for any Gemini.


Vulnerable parts of the body are the hands, arms, lungs and nervous system; as a result respiratory problems and nervous conditions are common.


Gemini's are most compatible with other air signs: Aquarius and Libra, and compatible but to a lesser extent with fire signs: Leo, Aries and Sagittarius.