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23 Jul - 22 Aug

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June 2019

From the get go there appears to be two conflicting forces in play, but in reality, they both want the same thing. On the one hand, you have Venus, who in her final days in your career sector is supporting both planets in your work sector, creating some friendly conditions on both the job and career fronts. Yet on the other hand, with Mars spending the whole month in a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart, the wind down of a nearly two year long Mars cycle could be taking the wind out of your sails. Mars is fighting for time out to hear yourself think, where your professional life is fighting to keep you busy. Or at least that might be the impression. With Saturn and Pluto in their second full month in retrograde motion in your work sector, they want to take things slowly and once Venus leaves your career sector on 9th June, any urgency will dial back there as well. In fact, this will reveal that there never was any and it was more that a growing sense of job and professional confidence was addictive. It wasn't that you haven't been able to ease back professionally and more that you didn't want to. By keeping things in perspective you will appreciate that both sides are fighting for the same thing. With Mars returning to Leo early next month, June is a valuable chance to recharge your batteries. The real push to slow down will come midmonth, which is what makes the timing of a playful Full Moon on 17th June so auspicious. At the same time that there is a call to know when to keep your work hat on and when to take it off, the incentive to embrace a balance between work and play appears. This is also an important month for personal and professional networking, with a lot of focus on all aspects of your social life.


Week beginning Monday 24th of June 2019

For the first time since last September, you move into the new week with planetary activity in Leo and from the get go it is clear that this comes with none of the strings from the past. This has started small, with the asteroid Juno's return to Leo late last week. Yet this will gain momentum, with Mercury returning on Thursday and Mars, early next month. Juno, queen of commitment has a six day jump on Mercury's return, with a chance to first get a feel for a sense of commitment and resolve, which is the first sign that you are starting to take your personal power back. It is the Moon's visit to an adventurous part of your chart midweek that will highlight Juno's friendly aspect to forces on the playful front. By the weekend Mercury will be at the same friendly aspect. This comes just as work tension and job pressure is starting to drop back, with playful and adventurous forces providing a timely reminder that life can't be all work and no play.


Monday 24th of June 2019

You have reached a point in the year when the lines between the past, present and future will start to blur. With Juno in her early days in Leo, Mercury just three days away and Mars returning five days later, new doors are already starting to open. Yet with Mercury and Mars still in a nostalgic part of your chart and the Sun in his early days here, this is still a time of reflection. Yet with new doors already opening and old doors remaining open, you are developing 20/20 hindsight and foresight. When you know where you've been and where you're going, a lot of things start to make sense.

About Leo

Information about your birth sign

The fire in Leo's makes them enthusiastic, optimistic and energetic. They are generally happy, lucky, generous, kind and openhearted; they find it hard to believe ill of others. If injured, they strike back quickly, but they also forgive easily and never hold a grudge. Creative, out-going and self-assured, a Leo's charm can be almost impossible to resist. Though full of ambition and enthusiasm, Leo's have a lazy streak and will take the easy way out if the opportunity arises, especially if the situation offers little fun or glory.

Like the King of the jungle, Leo is the lion/lioness and considers himself/herself leader of the pack. They are fun -loving and love to play. They are ruled by the Sun and when the Sun finally goes in, boy can they sulk! Leo is a child like sign that thrives off attention and they are usually in their prime when they are centre stage. They can be a little boastful not to mention stubborn and because Leo is so good at leading and drama they bring humor and delight to your soul on a rainy day, even if they do seem outrageous! You can't help but adore their warm sunny rays of self expression. They can however, also be incredibly vain and can have a tendency to put themselves before others. They can also be family orientated and are incredibly hardworking once driven. When you have won the love of a Leo they will defend you to the earth but cross a Leo on a bad day and you'll experience a raging fire to say the least!

They are very creative and many are famous actors/actresses and singers, for example Madonna is a Leo

Leo is ruled by the fifth house which connects to creativity and relationships.

Leo Motto

Leo's motto is "I Will"

Things to look out for

Leos will not back down in an argument and they are more likely to be damaged by pride and ego than the emotions of a break up. However, they are very sensitive creatures and take themselves very seriously. Leos actually hate to be hated and they want you to adore them

Leo Birthstone

Leo's birthstone is Peridot, and is thought to channel the energies of the Sun.


Vulnerable parts of the body are the back and the heart; as a result of this overexertion, heart mummers and various types of back pains are common complaints for the sign.

Lucky Colours

Leo's lucky colours are red, gold and royal blue.


Leo's are most compatible with other fire signs: Sagittarius and Aries and compatible to a lesser extent, air signs: Gemini and Libra and Aquarius.