Libra Horoscope

23 Sep - 22 Oct

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August 2019

You may have heard in passing that Libra is a 'cardinal' sign without really knowing what that means, the power it gives you but also the trouble this may have caused over the last two months. The word 'cardinal' comes from the Greek word for 'pivot' or turn. The four cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn and these are the signs that mark the start of each season. You were born at a time of year when the seasons were in transition and there was change in the air. This makes you flexible, open to change and able to adapt to changing situations. You are also ready to lead the way. This may have caused a problem over recent months, as the planets in Capricorn and Cancer spent five weeks, between mid June to the final 10 days of July in opposition and it was there that the eclipses fell. Because cardinal signs represent change, they also rebel against other cardinal points. Spring rebels against winter, autumn rebels against summer and so on, because the change they are focused on is about them. While this played out between your home and professional lives, this was basically a clash between your outer and inner worlds, where each side wanted to change, but in competition with the other. This is like one side pulling while the other is pushing, which in the end has forced you to compromise. Now that this impasse is over and especially with the Sun no longer in Cancer, there is a sense of ease and all that change that has been fighting to happen across all four cardinal points is released and can happen naturally. This will see things start to flow more smoothly and you will even witness exciting developments across the personal, relationship, home and professional fronts. There is a nice social vibe to August that is just what you need, with a playful Full Moon on 16th August the icing on the cake. By the end of the month, it will be time to begin winding down this current solar year.


Week beginning Monday 19th of August 2019

There are a lot of planets returning to a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart this week and that can mean only one thing, that old doors are closing in order for new doors to open. It is the Sun's return on Friday that will begin the month long wind down of your old solar year, something that happens at this time every year. However, you had Mars return over the weekend to begin the wind down of a Mars cycle that began in 2017, with Venus returning on Wednesday, Juno over the weekend and Mercury next week. They will all return to Libra at various times over the course of September and October but for now, this is calling for more time to hear yourself think. Fortunately, things are becoming more settled across most areas of your life and especially on the job and career fronts, with continuing to settle professionally. Life is asking for more time to hear yourself think and there is no reason why that shouldn't be possible.


Friday 23rd of August 2019

There is something about the timing of the Sun's return to a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart to begin the month long wind down of your old solar year that is absolutely perfect. As Venus and Mars found when they returned over the last five days, with the asteroid Pallas in Libra the doors to the future are made of glass this year, allowing you to see what lies ahead. Normally this is something you go into blind but in her final days in Libra, Pallas is helping to blur the lines between the past, present and future.

About Libra

Information about your birth sign

Librans have a strong sense of justice and are decisive in all there thoughts and actions due to a great foresight and intuition. They are sensitive people who appreciate good manners, harmless wit and love to work hard and play hard. Born under the sign of the scales they strive for balance and harmony and are at there happiest when their environment is ordered and serene. It's no surprise that success and an abundance of friends are common signs of somebody born under the Libra star sign.

Libra is the true sign of beauty. You'll know a Libra instantly as they just have a natural charm and purity about them. They are often blessed with exceptional looks and are kind and gentle in nature but it can be hard to know where you stand with a Libra as they strive to find balance and don't even know themselves where they fit in sometimes, but their passion for justice and equality is the very thing that keeps them ticking over and Libra is always willing to share. However, they do tend to sit on the fence and can spend much time arguing with themselves before reaching a logical decision. So bear in mind that Libras need time to think and plan.

The key words with Libra are love and romance. Relationships are very important for them.. They are diplomatic and strong willed once they've established their place in life.

Libra rules the seventh house which is connected to relationships

Libra Motto

Libra's motto is: "I balance"

Things to look out for

Remember if the scales don't balance for Libra they can become pushy and moody. They also hate violence and injustice and will always have strong opinions.

Leo Birthstone

The birthstone for Libra is the Opal and is said to channel energies from the ruling planet, Venus. It is said that opal helps to speed along the healing process and is especially effective with problems with the eyes! It is also said to signify hope and purity.


Vulnerable parts of the body are kidneys, eyes, ovaries and the lumbar region of the back; because of this, lower back pain is common.

Lucky Colours

Lucky colours for Libra are pink and blue.


Librans are most compatible with other air signs: Aquarius and Gemini, and compatible to a lesser extent fire signs: Leo, Sagittarius and Aires.