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20 Apr - 20 May

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August 2019

While we are all recovering from what may have been a tough few months, with June and July the most challenging months of 2019, this didn't impact you to the degree that it did some of your cosmic mates. If there was an issue it is likely to have been on the communication front, feeling under pressure mentally or where some universal truths were being challenged. This makes Mercury, the planet of communication's position in your communication sector until 12th August a game changer. Mercury retrograded back in for this and after turning direct in the early hours of the month, will work to ensure the communication lines are open and you are once again mentally focused. This month we see the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars, collectively known as the 'personal planets' come together in the same area of your chart for the first time since 2017 and they will do it not once but twice and in a way that creates a month of two halves. However, there is a lap over between the two, with the Sun, Venus and Mars starting the month in your home and family sector, but ending the month in a playful part of your chart. It is Mercury who will straddle the two but in the process spend time with all planets on both the home and playful fronts. For after starting the month in your communication sector, Mercury will move through your home and family sector from 12th August to 29th August, before ending the month in a playful part of your chart as well. This will have positive implications on both fronts, with none of the challenges seen over recent months. You even have some exciting developments on the financial and professional fronts. Lucky Jupiter's direct turn in your financial sector on 12th August will see the tide turn on the financial front while beginning the potential for real financial growth over the coming months. It is just four days later that a Full Moon in your career sector on 16th August could trigger some exciting developments on the career and professional fronts. With Pallas leaving your work sector 10 days later, she will use this to make her final 10 days on the job front count.


Week beginning Monday 19th of August 2019

There are a lot of planetary shifts this week, so much so that by the time you get to the end of the week, four planets will be in a different area of your chart to where they were last weekend. Fortunately they are all moving from and into the same two areas of your chart, otherwise, this could have drawn your attention in multiple directions. You moved into last weekend with all the faster moving planets in your home and family sector and almost all the immediate focus on home and family matters. That began to change with Mars' departure and return to a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart over the weekend. He will be followed by Venus on Wednesday, by the Sun two days later, by Juno over the weekend and Mercury next week. Slowly the pendulum is shifting away from home and family matters and onto all things fun, playful, romantic and creative.


Friday 23rd of August 2019

Another day and yet another planet returns to a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart, with the Sun following on the heels of Mars and Venus, who have both returned over the last five days. With another planet returning tomorrow and another next week, this is fast becoming the most populated area of your chart. This is incredible when you take into account that this time last week there was no planetary activity here and had been none since last September. The romantic, playful and creative drought is well and truly broken.

About Taurus

Information about your birth sign

Taurus is the sign of patience, practicality and dedication and are sometimes seen as slow because of their great restraint and reticence, this is not a terrible thing! Taureans are strong but sensual and are lovers of everything that is natural, fine and beautiful. They have great sense of harmony, rhythm and colour making them well suited to a career in music, poetry or art. In love they're generous to the last and will sacrifice all in its name

They are also keen - witted and have good business minds. They are often known to be genius at juggling finances and many go into careers such as accountancy. Interestingly, Taureans can make great magicians! As they can tune into other peoples' feelings and surroundings without even realising and can read between the lines well. But they have a true love for harmony and a divine sense of spirituality. They also love spending time in the home, making things look beautiful and adore creature comforts and therefore tend to indulge in good food and wine. The earthy quality of Taurus naturally makes them want to spend time in pleasure activities such as gardening, walking or even building.

Their ruling house in the zodiac is the second house which connects with our values and money

Things to look out for

They can often appear quiet and aloof but underneath the surface they are serious and committed. They can also be surprisingly possessive and jealous.

Taurus Motto

Taurus motto is: "I have"

Lucky Colours

Taurus colours are brown and turquoise and their birthstone is the emerald, believed to influence both positive and negative traits of the sign, but in particular it is associated in a positive way with loyalty and faithfulness. Taureans have a lust for the finer things in life and have been known to overindulge!


Vulnerable parts of the body are the neck, throat, shoulders and torso; because of this, stiff necks, sore throats and earaches are common aliments.


Taureans are most compatible with other earth signs: Virgo and Capricorn and compatible but to a lesser extent with the water signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.