Virgo Horoscope

23 Aug - 22 Sep

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June 2019

While it is unlikely that this month will be as busy as the last two months have been, especially professionally, it is still important to hold onto and embrace the adventurous influence at the start of the month. It was Mars' departure from your career sector last month that ended what is likely to have been a busy seven week period, with the Sun and Mercury having returned five days later. With a New Moon here on 3rd June, Mercury here until 5th June and the Sun until 22nd June, that professional momentum continues. This might not be as manic as during Mars' time here, but this is still a professionally charged month. Yet until she leaves an adventurous part of your chart and joins the Sun in your career sector on 9th June, Venus is working to make this count. At a friendly aspect to Saturn and Pluto in a playful part of your chart, there is a chance to establish a balance between work and play that you can maintain all month. Especially as work/life balance could be an issue this month, especially around the time of a Full Moon on 17th June. This is a Full Moon that falls at some point during the Sun's month long visit to your career sector, so at this time every year, but has a lot more punch this year. Another incentive to make work/life balance a priority is that this is a stunning month for friendship and relationship building. This is something that began last month and will continue throughout June and into July. With Mars involved, this makes June an important month for personal and professional networking, friendship and relationship building. This is something that can be channelled into professional developments this month, but also just as easily into your personal life.


Week beginning Monday 24th of June 2019

Before getting down into the specifics of this week, the general theme is that the tensions of the last two weeks are dialling back, while you have a chance to catch your breath before next week's solar eclipse. This is giving you a chance to ease back and release some of the pressure. Despite the fact that Venus is spending her last full week in your career sector after the Sun left over the weekend she is more focused on fuelling your professional confidence. After four months of planetary activity you have all the tools and resources you need on the job and career fronts, with Venus' last full week more about letting your heart decide where to from here. The less you push things professionally, the more easily things will flow. In the meantime, you begin the week with the Moon in your relationship sector. This comes just as Neptune's retrograde turn here over the weekend has opened the doors to the past and second chances.


Monday 24th of June 2019

If it feels like work/life balance reminders are now a weekly occurrence you are right. It was a week ago that the Sun and Moon clashed as a Full Moon, bringing your home and professional lives into conflict. It was a week before that, that the Sun and Jupiter clashed, creating the same conflict. Today it is Venus and Jupiter in opposition, but this will have a different feel. Whenever Venus and Jupiter get together, regardless of the aspect, this can have positive implications. This is the last clash and with it a chance to finally crack the work/life balance code.

About Virgo

Information about your birth sign

Virgo's have strong analytical minds, are quick thinking, observant and have keen intellects; because of this Virgo's are generally very methodical and successful in life. The virgin is the astrological symbol of Virgo and, like the true virgin, most Virgo's are shy. Virgo's are also idealistic and when they allow idealism to get out of hand, nothing is accomplished.

Virgo is also ruled by Mercury so they are also great at communication. However, because Virgo is an earth sign their communication skills are often connected with finance and business. Many Virgos are self employed or run things independently. They have a real eye for detail and are perfectionists at heart. They often devote their livelihoods to their careers and won't give up until they are deeply satisfied. Virgos go through everything with a fine tooth comb and are very much connected to service. Because Virgo is also known as a medical sign, many Virgos can go into care work (particularly the females) . Virgos know how to take care of themselves and others on a very professional level

Virgo rules the 6th house which connects to work and health

Virgo Motto

Virgo's motto is "I analyze"

Things to look out for

Virgos find it hard to show their feelings and are sometimes too practical to discuss emotions and feelings. They are excellent critiques and always tell the truth whether you like it or not

Lucky colours

Lucky colours for Virgo are blue, yellow and gray.

Virgo Birthstone

Their birthstone is the Sapphire. Wearing Sapphire is said to draw upon energies from Mercury, to which the sign is sympathetic. It is also said that Sapphire helps towards lowering fever and inflammation.


Vulnerable parts of the body are the bowels, sinuses, and respiratory system; because of this constipation, colds, flu and general allergies are the most common Virgo complaints.


Virgo's are most compatible with other earth signs: Taurus and Capricorn, and compatible to a lesser extent with water signs: Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces.