Quick Pay

Saving you time. Connecting you quicker!

We are delighted to announce that we have introduced a quicker way to pay for returning customers!

If you use our credit card payment number you will be given the option to save the card details you’ve used, so the next time you call you can be connected quickly to your chosen reader.

The payment details are encrypted, secure and cannot be accessed by anybody; we are a fully PCI compliant company.

Once you have stored your details the quick pay service will only be accessible by calling back from the number you used when you stored them i.e. your mobile or landline telephone; this is how we recognise it’s you! You will only be asked for the 3 digit security code each time you call if you wish to use that card again, making it much easier and quicker to get in touch with your chosen reader. You can also choose to pay with a different card if you wish.

You can only store one card per telephone number. You can update your details with a different card at any time and you can have the quick pay option removed after you’ve stored the details by calling the helpline number 1-855-773-3293.

Please Note: This service will not work with a withheld number. If your phone number is withheld you can have this removed by calling your service provider.