One of the most popular and well known psychic reading methods is the Tarot. We have a large number of professional Tarot card readers available to read your cards and give an insight into your life, past, present, and future. The Tarot deck is made up of 78 cards in two groups; the Minor Arcana, that focuses on the everyday situations we face, and the Major Arcana, that deals with the bigger themes in life.

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What should I expect from an Online Tarot Card reading?

There are countless different Tarot card spreads, each designed to reveal different information. When having an online Tarot card reading, the reader will discuss with you what kind of information you are looking for, and will decide which spread is best for you.

The reader will shuffle the cards and then lay them out in the appropriate spread. Every position in a Tarot spread comes with its own meaning and significance, and the reader will take some time to study and interpret the cards and their messages, and then will give you the opportunity to discuss these messages and what they mean.

The Celtic Cross

Easily the most popular Tarot spread for a lot of readers, the Celtic Cross is excellent for giving a lot of detailed information, whether it’s in answer to a specific question, or for a general life reading. There are ten cards in the Celtic Cross spread, six in the staff and four in the staff. The cross section consists of two crosses; a small cross made up of two cards, and a larger four card cross surrounding it. The two cards in the first cross represent the present, and your current situation. The cards surrounding it represent different periods of time and their effects on your situation. The four cards in the staff represent different external influences on you and your life.

The Five Card Spread

The Five Card spread is a simple spread, good for giving detailed answers to specific questions. The five cards are laid out in a cross, the card in the middle representing the present and your current situation or question. The second cards looks to the past, and explains how events have led up to and influenced your question. The next card focuses on the future. The final two cards look at the reason behind the question, and any potential for the situation to change.

If there’s no particular question you would like to ask, but are just looking for a general insight into life, the fan spread is perfect. This spread consists of 22 cards, arranged in seven groups of three, with one card placed separately to represent you. The first set of cards represents your personality, and the second group focuses on any relationships you have. The next two groups show what you desire and expect out of life and yourself. The fifth group looks at any influences on your life that you may not be aware of or expect. The last two groups look at the future, and what you can expect.

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